L.E.D. VS Incandescent

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Have you ever wondered what the real differences are in L.E.D. lights vs Incandescent? Let’s take a look at average energy savings on a typical home roof line installation. Let’s say you have 300′ of C9 incandescent bulbs installed across the front of your house. Each C9 bulb uses an average of 7 watts to operate. 300 bulbs x 7 watts = 2100 watts! This translates into .22 cents per hour or $50 to $60 dollars per month in operating cost. The same c9 size bulb in L.E.D. uses about.5 watts per bulb. Doing the same math with 300 L.E.D. bulbs = 150 watts and roughly .0028 cents per hour. When talking cents per hour it may not seem like much at first , but would you rather pay $0.84 per month to run your holiday lights or $60.00?

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